I get asked time and time again what equipment and resources I use to make my videos. I have used (or am currently using) everything listed here. Remember, I didn't start with all this stuff! I started with the $20 microphone, my iPad, a 20-year-old tripod, and a set of cheap lights. I upped my game over time - and as I closed deals!

Full disclosure - these are affiliate links which help keep this web site up and running. If you buy ones of these items it's at no additional cost to you (and you might even get a discount) but I will receive a small commission. Thanks for your support!

Smartphone microphone:

I love this mic because it has a super long cord. I can stand 15' away from the phone/iPad and still be heard clear as day. And it's dirt cheap! But it's only good if there's one person on camera.


Wireless shotgun mic for smartphones:

This works perfectly with an iPad or older smartphone with an actual headphones jack. If you have a new iPhone with no headphones jack you'll need that adapter that came with your phone's earbuds, that little white dongle. This works well for interviews or when there are several people on camera. You won't need a separate mic for each person. It's small, no cord to get tangled up, and it sounds great.


Wireless lavalier mic for cameras or smartphones:

I got this for Christmas 2018 and man, do I love it! There's a lavalier mic that clips onto your shirt, a transmitter that clips onto your belt, and a receiver that attaches to the camera. The sound quality is great and since it just uses AA batteries there are no wires to get all tangled up. (You will need an adapter to use it with your phone or iPad.)


Shotgun mic for cameras:

This is a super cheap knockoff version of a Rode mic. It attaches to your camera and it works well enough for the price. Easy, no wires, and cheap.



I splurged on this after my 20-year-old tripod finally broke. It's really sturdy and folds up with a carrying case to take with you when you go "on location" - to a new listing. I originally bought a cheap $20 one and it lasted all of two months before it broke.


iPad mount for the tripod:

Only necessary if you film on a big tablet and your tripod adapter can't hold it.


Voiceover/screencast mic for computers:

I have this one for when I do voiceovers for my videos, screencasts, or live streams. Just plugs into my computer's USB port. Super user-friendly and works very well.


Lighting kit:

I was lucky enough to get this for Christmas a few years ago from my sister-in-law - thanks, Melanie! Fairly inexpensive, well made, easy to set up and use.

Ring light:

I got this for Christmas last year (are you seeing a theme here?) from my hubby. The ring light is very flattering and takes up much less room than two umbrella lights or softboxes.

Desktop ring light:

I bought this recently to keep on my desk or to take with me when I'm shooting video at the office or at listings. It has a 10" ring light with different colors (amber, blue/white, and yellow/white) and has a clamp for your phone AND a tripod. It can go on your desk or extend the tripod and it goes on the floor. It's terrific for live streaming too!


Canon T7i camera:

I shot on my iPad for well over a year before I bought a real camera. This is the one I got. I wanted to be able to do the blurry background thing that's so popular now. So I got this Canon camera and a 50 mm lens that lets you get the bokeh effect.


50 mm lens:

Only necessary if you want to achieve the bokeh effect / shallow depth of field / blurry background.


Smartphone gimbal:

I have the Osmo Mobile 2. It's pretty inexpensive and it's perfect for filming while walking, doing neighborhood tours, etc. This is what I usually use to film listing tours as well. Want to see an example? This listing tour was filmed with my iPhone 8 plus, the Filmic Pro app, and my Osmo Mobile 2.



My husband bought a drone so he could use them for my listing videos. He got his drone pilot's license so he'd know how to use it and not crash it into someone's house! This is the one we got because it comes with an extra battery and a carrying case.


Web site: Easy Agent Pro

I've been an Easy Agent Pro web site user since April 2016. You can make unlimited landing pages, which is where I drive YouTube traffic to capture their contact info. I get several leads A DAY via my web site because of the beauty that is SEO. Love them! 'Nuff said.



They have a free plan and paid plans. Honestly, you can do a ton with the free plan but when they run a special, it's so cheap for an upgraded annual plan it makes sense to just do it for all the extra features. I just upgraded to the Legends plan during a recent promotion so I'll report back with my opinion.



Nick Nimmin created this site with little graphics you can use in your videos. Done for you, work in any editing program. Buy one that says "Don't forget to subscribe!" All the graphics you will need for YouTube, either buy one at a time or a monthly/yearly subscription.


LionDesk CRM:

LionDesk is an inexpensive, real estate specific CRM. You can embed videos in their emails AND text messages, and when you get a new lead LD will auto-reply to that lead with the specific message of your choice. It's pretty robust for the price. UPDATE: They now have an AI plug in to qualify new leads as they come in. The prospect is chatting with a bot (her name is Gabby) and they seriously have no idea they're talking to a computer! It's an additional fee but we closed our first deal yesterday that Gabby qualified for us, so it has no paid for itself for the next three years.



Kind of like Etsy, it's an online marketplace mostly for graphic design services. You can get a logo, a YouTube intro, video editing services, have a listing virtual tour made, stuff like that. All starting at $5.


360° camera:

I use this camera for virtual tours, both for buyers and for sellers.


360° video platform:

Savvy House Hunting is a platform for hosting virtual tours that you can send to your buyers. Much simpler than uploading virtual showing videos to FB or YouTube, it's all branded for you, and it's private so the only people seeing the videos are the ones you send them to.


Captions and transcriptions: uses live people (not a bot) to transcribe your videos for $1/minute. If you upload a 5-minute video you pay them $5 for someone to transcribe it for you. They can make captions for YouTube and/or Facebook, or make your video into a blog post. You can do this yourself for free, of course, but Rev is a big timesaver.


Chatbot Automation:

Chris Hardin at Book Me Solid will build out chatbots for your Facebook business page at a very reasonable price. Automate your FB page and get people prequalifying themselves and schedule times to talk to you. Want to see a demo? Open Messenger and search for YouTube for Agents, then text the word SLIDES.


I keep adding to this post over time. AGAIN, you don't need all this stuff at the beginning. All you truly need is a phone with a decent camera, a cheap microphone, a cheap tripod, and a web site where you can drive traffic to capture leads.


Happy Youtubing! 😄

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