YouTube End Card Template

You may ask, what exactly is a YouTube end card template? It is the

very last 20 seconds of your YouTube video that is one big call to action. It

tells people what you want them to do next.

Do you want them to watch another video?

Do you want them to subscribe?

Do you want them to go to your website and download something?

Here's a very simple way to make one yourself in my favorite website ever -Canva. So first things first, we're going to go to Canva and create our blank template. You're going to go to create a design, custom dimensions and it's going to be 1920 by 1080 pixels. Hit create. You can do this with the free version of Canva. I have the paid version Canva Pro but you can do it with the free version. So now we've got a blank template but let's see an example of what we want it to look like.

So here's the video that I just posted a couple days ago. So this is what my end card template looks like. It's got my logo colors, my branding colors which are the teal green, hot pink and the bright yellow.

The video in the top box is the current video that's still playing. This video on the bottom is what I would like them to watch next. On the right is a link to my website. If your site allows you to do cards where you can link out to a website. You can do this once you have four thousand hours of watch time and a thousand subscribers. You can do that if you have not yet met that threshold. You can't link to your website, you just have to say "I'm putting a link in the description box below, click down here to get it" but once you hit that magical formula of a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time, you can link to it right in the card.

So from my template, I want to have two rectangles and a square template and

I need to take a screenshot of this. You're gonna get exactly the dimensions because now we'll know exactly how big to make those rectangles. When we come back over here, so the first thing I'm gonna do is upload that screenshot that I just took. I'm gonna put it over and stretch it out so it takes up the entire screen. And then I'm going to make it transparent. Let's do it about 58% that way I can still see it but it's not in my way.

Now, I'm going to grab a couple of elements. I need a couple of rectangles. So here is a rectangle and for this one, you can make it whatever size you want. I just chose that size. Then for this one down here, it has to be exactly this size otherwise, you'll have a big gap because the YouTube template tells you what size that needs to be. And then last but not least I'm going to do a square over here. I want to be able to link to my website in this card right here. However, if you're not able to do that, you could put your subscribe a call-to-action here instead.

So by making this template when we are on youtube, a video will populate in this box, either a link to your website or "Hey, you should subscribe!" will be in this box. And this box I'm gonna put my own video in right inside my video editing software. I hope that makes sense so far. Now you're gonna put whatever else you want on it. You can see that I put my personal logo, my brokerage's logo and I said, "Your Savannah relocation specialist to see all the homes in Port Wentworth, click here." and this is just text and this is not really a Canva tutorial. So I hope you know how to make text. Once you have it all done you're gonna click this thing in the background and delete it because we don't need to see that anymore.

So I could change my background color to be this color or this color or this color or this color. I can make it whatever the heck I want it to be. I have already uploaded all of my logos and this is the beauty of Canva for work, is that you get all of these different folders for uploading stuff that you use all the time. So I can go in and I can customize this however I want. I'm going to call it "End card template" and then I'm going to download it now. I'm going to go over to my video editing software. In my example, I'm using WeVideo which is an online web-based editing program. I think it's a very user-friendly, very inexpensive, comes with all of this b-roll. It's amazing! So for example, if I were doing a video about Savannah Georgia and I just type in Savannah, look at all this free b-roll that I can get.

So I could put this video in here and I could put this video in here and this is all just the roll that I can use in. So if I just needed some b-roll of my area, this is all in here as part of the WeVideo program that you're paying for. And if you want to learn more about WeVideo, I'll link to that down below. I do have an affiliate link if you sign up for that, you get a free trial period. I love WeVideo I've been using it now for about easily six months and I like it very much. So now, I'm in my video editing software but you will use whatever editing software you want. I'm gonna go browse for the thing that I just downloaded, pull it down in here. It needs to be at the very end of your video and it needs to be no more than 20 seconds long. So grab it and stretch it out until it's right at about 20 seconds long, then whatever video you want to be playing in that top box.

This is how I do it in WeVideo. How you do it in your own video editing software might be a little bit different, but the idea is that you just do a picture-in-picture and you grab the little drag handles until you make it the correct size. Hit save. Now, it will play like this. So let's see how we use this in practice. Okay and now I'm going to save what I was doing and export it then go import it into YouTube. So now, we're back over at YouTube, I have uploaded the video and I'm going to go to this section right here that says, "end screen" hit that little square with the arrow in it and it will bring me to the final 20 seconds of my video. Here's what it looks like as it is.

So let's see how we use this. So I want to drop elements into these empty boxes so the first thing I'm going to put in is a video and you can choose, do you want it to be your most recent upload? Whatever is best for the viewer. Do you want to choose a specific video? And let's say that it would be well I said it was the branding watermark video there it is. So I pick it from the list create element it dropped it up here, so you just grab it and drag it down here, inside my little box, boom! Now, if I were able to link to my website, I would do that here but as you can see this channel,

I have not yet met a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time so I can't do it. But if you are able to, you could link to a page on your website. Don't send it to the home page, send them to a specific page preferably a landing page and put that here instead. I'm going to just do the SUBSCRIBE call to action which is that right there, boom! Save.

Now, if you want to preview it, this is how it will look at the end of your video. "So let's see how we use this in practice. Thank you so much for joining, I'm glad that you learned today how to make a youtube with template card." Okay now, as you can see it started too early, so I wanted to start about here, all you have to do is grab these little handles and move them like this so now the videos and things will not start playing until you're ready for them.

And that would be it. The end card comes into handy for a couple of reasons. It gets the viewer to engage with your channel and we know that positive engagement signals are what YouTube wants. It lets them click and either watch another of your videos, so you get more face time with them or go over to your website and maybe fill out a contact form on your website. Now you're getting their contact information but mostly it's just a way for you to keep the viewer watching and get them to interact with your channel more rather than just watch the video and be done with it. Thank you so much for joining me. I'm glad that you learned today how to make a YouTube end card template.


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