The BEST Tip I Ever Got About Editing Videos

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

I love me some Justin Brown with Primal Video. If you don’t subscribe to his channel, you should. Not only does he have a great accent (swoon!) but I have learned some amazing tips about YouTube and editing from his channel.

Here’s my favorite tip ever - when you are filming a video, keep saying the same thing over and over until you get it exactly how you want it. Then move on. So for example, you might say, “Hi, I’m Karin Carr, a Realtor® in Savannah, GA with XYZ Brokerage. Thanks for coming to my channel! You really should consider subscribing because I talk about living in Savannah and I know you’re gonna love it.” You might trip over your words, your dog barks, the UPS guy rings the doorbell, and it takes you four times to get it right. Don’t press the stop button! Keep filming even through the mistakes. You should film the entire video in one take, even if it’s 15 minutes long. After you get the perfect take, now move on to the next part of the video.

Do this for your intro, your hook, your topic, your wrap up, your CTA, each individual component of the video. Now when you go to edit, work Right to Left instead of Left to Right. Import the video into your editing program and go all the way to the end. Work backwards as you edit. We know already that the final take was the best one so split the clip right before the final take. Then go find the final take of the PREVIOUS section. Split the clip after that and delete everything in between.

No need to watch each take because we already know which was the best. Just hit that delete button! Do that for every section.

Now go fine tune. Take out long pauses between sections. Insert your animated intro and your outro. Add some graphics or B-roll if desired. Add some music if you want to. Once you become a pro at editing you can speed up or slow down sections. Fix the colors, the sound quality, and stabilize shaky video. But that all comes with time and practice. You don’t have to do that at the beginning of your video journey.

Trust me when I say this will save you HOURS of editing time. Thank you, Justin Brown!!!

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