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Hey everyone, today I’m gonna teach you how to use Fiverr to find someone to do your video editing for you.

I just came back from the Keller Williams family reunion annual conference and one of the things I heard repeatedly from people was, “I don’t feel confident in my editing skills, It takes me way too long.” “How can I find someone to edit it for me but at a reasonable price?”

So, this is how I found someone to do it for me. You go to if you’ve never used it before. After you create your user name and password, if you click on your little avatar up on the corner, you can say post a request. So what I did was I posted a request to the seller community, and I said I am looking for someone to edit a video for me every single week.

I attached my intro; I attached my company logo; I attached my outro; I have attached a couple of graphics I use repeatedly in every video. I said the video will be about five minutes long, once you’ve edited it down I’ll probably give you about a 15 minute's worth of raw footage, you select the category so you say it’s under video and animation.

The subcategory is video editing. You can tell them up to 2500 characters of what it is you need I included a couple of links to existing videos on my YouTube channel and said, “this is what I’m going for,” “this is what I want it to look like, only better because obviously, you’re much better editor than I am.” And said. “What do you want your turnaround time to be?” Obviously, the shorter the turnaround time, the more they’re gonna charge you.

And if you want to say like, “my budget is $20 or $10 or $50,” or whatever and then they sent once you hit the post, you will receive requests. So this was what I had posted. “I’m looking for someone to do video editing for me. I will give you a video file approximately 10 to 15 minutes long. I want it edited down to five to seven minutes long. You will do this. You do that. I do this weekly and I’m looking for someone who will do it every single week. Here’s an example of what I want it to look like. Please give me examples of videos you have edited in the past and the rates you would charge.” And then I got 22 different offers, so they start coming in and you can just scroll through and say okay so this is what they’re offering and how much they would charge.

Somebody that was charging two hundred and fifty dollars is a little out of my budget, so I was looking at the ones that were more in the ten to twenty dollar range and I went through, I looked at all of their proposals, what they would charge me and looked at examples of their work in order to find one. So I really love Fiverr. I think you can find quality people. You will have to look at the gig they’re offering. What do you get for that price is English their first language. How quickly did they respond to things like that, but you can certainly try somebody and if they do two or three videos for you and you’re not too excited about it, then try somebody else. The next time, you don’t have to sign a contract or anything like this and then once you find somebody you like if they’re charging you say $50 a month to edit a weekly video for you, is the $50 a month worth? Let us say fifteen hours of your time. I think that’s a pretty good trade.

So that is how I find video editing services on Fiverr for a very reasonable price if you liked this video and you are looking for more tips on how to grow your real estate business using YouTube, be sure to hit the subscribe button because I make videos like this every single Thursday, just for the real estate agent community.

Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next week!


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