She’s Unstoppable Live - What I Learned

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

I recently went to She's Unstoppable Live, a real estate conference for women in Washington DC.

And I'm gonna tell you a few key takeaways that I got from this conference.

First let me tell you a little bit about this conference and the organizers. They have a killer group on Facebook called the Girl 's Guide to Outrageous Real Estate Success.

If you are a woman real estate agent and you want to learn more about how to improve your self, this is a great Facebook group that has over 25,000 people.

Jan and Judy are twin sisters that own coaching business and they only coach women, which I think is cool because how many real estate coaches are out there that are all man, they're all the same you know what I mean but I mean is kinda nice just to see female real estate coaches. And they talked about coaching from a female perspective. We are a little bit different than men. We have different strengths, we have different tendencies and that's what they talked about. So they put together this conference, its called she's unstoppable and I just want to tell you some of the key things that I wrote down in my notebook that I thought was so cool.

They said, "serve, don't sell." And on YouTube, boy it's that absolutely ring true. All of the videos that I've made and brought me so much business, I'm not promoting myself. I'm not saying, "hey! if you know anyone that wants to buy or sell, call me. Here's my phone number". You will never ever ever ever ever! Hear me give my phone number in a video that I post on YouTube. It doesn't work! don't do it. Serve, don't sell. They didn't come to you tube to get sold something, they came to learn something. So give them the information freely. Yes, put your contact information in the description box below the video, but serve, don't sell.

Anna Kalinski who is on a show on Bravo TV, it's a reality show were the buyers buy the home sight unseen. And she said that 74% of the clients research their agent before they hire them. So if you have a big you tube presence or Instagram or Facebook. I don't really care what your platform of choice is, my platform of choice is YouTube. They will research you before they hire you.

So when they google your name, if they can find a boatload of videos that you have made where you're talking to the camera like this, that would really really really help you. Because when they're doing their research they want to know what you're like. They not only wanna know your skills and how competent you are but they wanna know your personality too. Because they're going to hire someone they like. Not just someone that is qualified.

Aliyah Dastour who is a photographer said "When your customers feel like they're meeting with a celebrity, they feel special," and boy, that is very very true! I have found that a lot, when people call me and say, "Oh my gosh! I can't believe you answered the phone, you're a celebrity! I can't believe I get to meet with you!" The first many many times that happen, I just cracked up and I said "I am not famous. I am not a celebrity." Just because I have this YouTube channel nobody knows who I am, except people that are looking to buy or sell in my market and stumble across this channel. But the consumer thinks that I'm some sort of famous person because they've seen a million of my videos. So when they say, "can you help me? Can you help me buy a house? Can you help me sell my house?" And I say, "Yes, I can! Here's my exclusive agreement. Please, sign it. "

They feel like I am doing them a favor, that's crazy right? I am so grateful to get their business. I am grateful to put food on the table. I am grateful to be making a paycheck, but they feel like I am doing them a favor. They feel special because they feel like they're working with a celebrity.

So you know the first many times that that happened, I laughed and I told them they were nuts. I'm like yeah, you are lucky! It's crazy but it works. What are some other things that I learned? 90% of consumer trust what a person says over what a company says. And we all know that to be true right? So if a real estate agent is saying something and so, me Karin Carr is saying "Pooler is a great town to live in and here's why" They're gonna trust that over a company saying that. They're gonna trust that over the brokerage saying that. So if you, you are your brand, if you are saying this in a video, they're gonna be much more likely to believe it. So I learned so many great things at this conference.

I've been to a lot of real estate conference over the last year between Keller Williams family reunion and Inman connect, twice and you know some of these big ones that have thousands and thousands of people that attend. She's unstoppable live had five hundred. They were five hundred people here and they were all females. And by the end of this two-day period, I felt like I knew at least half of them, not every single person but I met a lot of people and boy, it was a killer killer conference. So if you have the opportunity to travel, to go to events like this, there were a lot of disses in Washington D.C and there were a lot of people here that are local, so they were able to just drive to the hotel, attend the conference and go home at night.

If you were ever able to do things like that, boy I highly encourage you to do them. You'll be amazed how much stuff you learn when you're networking with other agents, especially agents that are in different markets than you or that are marketing their business in a different way. And you're able to just absorb all of this knowledge and gain new perspectives. There was a woman named Rachel, I can't even begin to pronounce her last name so I'm not gonna try. She taught a class on using Pinterest to get a business and we were all mind blown. You absorb so much great information when you go to conferences like this. So I hope that you will do it and I know that next year when she's unstoppable live, has their second annual conference, I'm gonna be going to that one too.

If you have not yet downloaded my free checklist, the YouTube success checklist, please do it. The link is right on the home page of this web site. This is the exact checklist that I go through every time I upload a video for my consumer channel, talking to buyers and sellers that bring me a ton of leads and a ton of business. So get your checklist now and thanks for watching!


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