Keller Williams Family Reunion 2019

This one is for all my KW peeps. Who is going to Family Reunion in New Orleans next week?

I am attending my first FR and I am extremely honored to have been asked to be a speaker this year! My breakout session will be with Shawn Cauthen, who is the Production Manager for KW Video. It's called "Harness the Power of Youtube" and it will be on Sunday afternoon at 3:15 pm. It says 228-230 for the location - I don't know what that means but I'm assuming it's the room number. Newbie here!

What will we talk about? Shawn has a crazy amazing YouTube channel with 650,000 subscribers! He does behind the scenes interviews with Hollywood actors, movie trailers, and really cool stuff with celebrities. Check it out here:

Shawn will be talking about WHY to have a Youtube channel, HOW you should do it, and I will be talking about WHAT to post and how it can bring you business.

I hope if you're going to FR that you can attend! Here's the full agenda:

If you are attending and want to meet up in person I would LOVE that! Leave me a comment or message me on Facebook. I love discussing content marketing strategy, plus we can send each other referrals.

See you there!



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