How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google

How to rank Youtube videos on google? Yes, it can be done. Can you rank a YouTube video on the first page of Google? Heck yeah! You can. But it takes a little bit of forethought, so how do you do it?

Number one, you need to figure out what your keyword will be. So you gotta go do keyword research. If the idea for your video is, what color should I paint my living room to appeal to buyers because I'm getting ready to sell my house. You’ve gotta go do some keyword research and there’s a lot of different to tools out there. I personally love keywords everywhere, its a free plug-in and I’ve talked about it many times before but it will let you see how many searches are being done each month for that phrase, and how competitive of a keyword it is. So now you’ve identified what your keyword will be, go to Google and search for that keyword, see who shows up at the top of the search results. It’s probably gonna be and all the big guys. So go read that article, get some ideas from it but figure out what you could talk about that would go into a lot more detail and be a lot more specific to your local area. And basically make a video version of that blog post in your own words, but a hundred times better than what they wrote.

Now, you’re going to transcribe the video that you just make. I love to use and I’ll put the link down below. You just take the URL from your YouTube video. You go to; you paste it in there and they charge you a dollar a minute. So if you make a 5-minute video, they charge you five dollars. You can take the auto-captions that YouTube will create for you and download it. But takes a long time to fix all of the formatting, fix all of the grammatical mistakes, put in the punctuation, they don’t capitalize anything. It takes a long time; personally, I rather spent five bucks.

Now your gonna go to your website or blog. And you’re gonna make a new blog post with that transcription. So start a new blog post, paste it in, put spaces and paragraph returns and all the good stuffs, so that it’s easy to read especially on mobile, don’t have one giant block of text to make it easy for them to read. And you’re going to embed that YouTube video. Don’t upload the video naively to your website. You wanna embed the URL from YouTube into the blog post because Google owns YouTube and Google loves Google. We want double the Google love. We’re getting Google love from the blog post and were getting Google love from the video. The title of your blog post is going to be the exact title of the video Very important, the title of the blog post is exactly the same as the title of the video.

Now does this take time? Yes, it does. Is it something that you can outsource? Yes! it is. So, if you have an admin or a virtual assistant or any sort of assistant whatsoever, you know your teenage kid could do it for you. The creation of the blog post, once you have the transcription of the video, should not take all that much time. But make it good, make it easy to read, attractively formatted, maybe put a couple of photos in there, embed the video in there, link to other pages on your blog. So if you say something about staging on a budget, link to the other blog post that you want to write about staging on a budget. You can link to pages on your own website; You can link to pages on another website that has authority. Do not link to your competitors and don’t link to Zillow please; they already have enough traffic, they do not need more traffic from me.

So that is how you rank a YouTube video on Google. Have you checked out the industry syndicate? I’m a proud member and I think yd to check it out. If you like listening to a podcast when you are in a car or Alexa flash briefings. You should check out some of the other people who are also members of the industry syndicate, I’ll put the link down below. Now, go make your great video, make a corresponding blog post, and start seeing that soccer climb up the first page of Google search results.

See you next Thursday!


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