How important is it to be consistent with videos?

How important is consistency with your YouTube videos? Well here's my take on this. I feel it's really important to be consistent. Even a poorly done video is better than the video your competition didn't do at all. First of all, I want you to say in your channel art how often you're gonna be posting. If you're gonna post every Thursday afternoon, you gonna post on every Thursday afternoon. Even if you are on vacation, you are at a conference, you are busy, blah blah blah. I don't really care what your excuses are.

I am on vacation in Florida right now. Do I wanna be making a video? No, I don't. And guess what? I made a video and I forgot to upload it and schedule it before I left on my vacation. So does that mean that I just skip a week? Rr does that mean that I make one anyway? Is this going to be produced and edited with lots of fancy graphics, and transitions, no it surely is not. But I would rather be consistent that be perfect. And I feel that YouTube rewards you for being consistent.

If people show up to your channel on Wednesday morning set 10 AM expecting there to be a new video and there isn't one, eventually you're gonna train them and train the algorithm that you are not consistent and that you don't show up when you say you are going to. Is that really something that you wanna be known for? Heck, no! So when I say I'm going to post every Thursday afternoon, I'm gonna post every Thursday afternoon, even if it's not the greatest video I've ever made, even if it's not well edited with lots of fancy stuff. I would rather do it and be rewarded by the algorithm for being consistent.

If you are going to commit to making YouTube videos to grow your business, you need to have a posting schedule and be consistent. Does that mean that every single video you make is going to be a lead and bring you tons of clients.? No, in fact, this video is probably not going to bring me a lot of new subscribers because I didn't do any editing whatsoever. But, I feel that making it and hitting my posting schedule, It is more important to do that than to have of all the fancy graphics and fancy editing.

So what do you think? Do you that it is more important to be consistent or do you think that every video should be a plus effort. For me, I feel like if it's a B minus, it's good enough and you will be rewarded by the algorithm for being consistent, that's my take. What do you think? Thank you so much for. We will see you next Thursday with the next blog post!


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