7 Secrets to Getting Business From YouTube

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Do you want to learn how to get a steady stream of clients and closings from your YouTube channel?  Good, because I’m here to tell you it works! I have been using my YouTube channel to grow my business like crazy. It’s extremely effective and I just don't see a lot of other agents doing it. It’s very easy to dominate your market with video when there’s almost no competition! Here are the steps to getting business - not just leads, getting actual business - from your YouTube channel.

#1.  You need to figure out what people are searching for. Google and Youtube are search engines. Make the title of your video searchable. Don't make a video and upload it to YouTube with a title that something like “Karin’s Vlog Episode #27” because no one will ever search for that. The title of your video needs to be something that people are actually interested in learning about.

#2.  Start with a hook, something that grabs the viewer’s attention. Statistics show that we have exactly seven seconds to capture their attention. You’ve got to have a hook that tells them what you're going to tell them in this video and why they should bother watching. If it is not compelling enough or if you ramble with a big long introduction telling them who you are and why you’re awesome they are going to hit the back button. A good hook could be something like, “No money for a down payment? Today I’m going to share with you three great down payment assistance programs in Ft. Wayne, IN. Stay tuned!”

#3.  Next you want to have some sort of branding. Have a little intro video play or even just your animated logo. It will play before every single video so after people have seen that once or twice they start to recognize it.  It’s a subliminal reinforcement of your brand and this is a good thing!

#4.  After the animated logo you're going to introduce yourself briefly. You're not going to tell them every designation that you have. You're not going to tell them why you're a top producer in your market, list all the awards you’ve won, blah blah blah. Nobody cares.  You’ve got to tell them who you are, the area you service, your brokerage info in order to be in compliance, and why people should watch your channel. That’s it! That should take you all of 10-15 seconds.

#5  Now we get to the topic of the video. Let's say the topic was 5 great gated communities in Houston.  Make it short enough to keep their attention but long enough to actually give them the info they wanted. These videos need to be much longer than Facebook videos.  I like to aim for about 5 minutes. Keep the pace moving because people these days have very short attention spans. If you are not getting to the point quickly enough they’re going to leave.

#6.  You are going to wrap it all up and have some sort of call to action. Offer them something that is compelling enough that they are willing to give you their contact information in exchange for what you are offering, like a free 10 step plan to improving your credit score so that you can buy your first house.  “If you know anyone that’s thinking of buying or selling, call me!” Is NOT an effective call to action.

A good CTA just gives gives gives and doesn’t ask for anything return.  Give them something of value without asking for their business or referrals.  I know, it seems counterintuitive, but it works.  It makes the viewer know, like, and trust you.

#7.   Keep them watching till the very end. YouTube rewards you for watch time so be engaging, Tease a special bonus or have a blooper reel, Do something to keep them watching as long as Possible.  The longer they watch, the more they engage, The higher you will appear in the search results.

So those are my secrets for making YouTube videos That get my phone to ring.  I cannot tell you enough how fabulous YouTube has been for my business.  I do NO COLD PROSPECTING.  All of my leads Are inbound and the vast majority of them say they found Me on YouTube.

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