DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Tutorial - Filmic Pro App

Today, I'm doing a DJI Osmo mobile 2 tutorial and how it works with my favorite app called Filmic Pro.

I'm gonna be talking about this little baby right here the DJI mobile 2.

Now last week I did a video on the unboxing and my review of this product.

Now I'm gonna tell you a little bit about how I used it. So this is a gimbal it holds your phone and lets you video things and it keeps it from jerking up and down. If you just had a regular selfie stick it would be a very bit jerky. When you film with this thing it keeps it from bouncing around and it makes it very smooth, it let's you shoot on the location. You can take it with you and blog as you're walking down the hallway.

You can go to a neighborhood and take a whole tour of the neighborhood. You can take listing videos. And this one that I bought comes with this little stand and now I could just sat it down on my desk and I could used it like a selfie stick, it could be just like a tripod and I could film an entire video with my phone in the DJI mobile two.

But here is my favorite thing, it is this app called Filmic Pro. It is a little bit on the expensive side. It's about 15 bucks, which is kind of expensive for an app for your phone. But The reason why I love it is because it intergrate seamless with the DJI Osmo mobile 2 and it gives you tons of control over the camera in this phone. So let me give you a little tutorial on how the Filmic Pro app works so seamle with the DJI Osmo mobile 2 and how I used it.

When you open the app, hit the gear icon in the bottom right corner, hit that little gear icon. The first thing it will do is go to the resolution. You can film it at 720 or 1080px. You can go to 4k. You can change all this different quality settings. Just know that the better the quality the larger the file size it's going to be. So pick something that is probably a happy medium. Then, up to the top it's gonna show you the shape. 16 by 9 is great for YouTube, 1 by 1 is square if you want it for instagram or facebook. 

If you go to the frame rate, this is how many frames per second. I like to shoot in 120 for the frame rate and playback in 60. The only reason I ever do that is if I'm going to be making it into a slowmotion clip later. And I'll show you how I do that, cause if you film it 120 frames per second, playback of 60, you get a really super smooth buttery slowmotion, that is not jerky at all. If Your not planning on filming on slowmotion, you can do it on a lower frame rate. 

Now, when you click on the microphone, you wanna make sure if you're using a Bluetooth headset. Turn the Bluetooth on otherwise you're just gonna be using the microphone of the phone. When you click device, I like this button that says save camera to camera roll. If you save it to your camera roll when you're done filming, it automatically goes to the camera roll on your phone. You don't have to look for it within Filmic Pro. So that's my personal preference. I just like saving it to the camera roll.

Then, when you go to the presets, you can save all of the settings as your defaults, so the next time you don't have to do all of this stuffs . If it's already saved. This is what you wanna make sure you choose DJI Osmo mobile, that way the app speaking directly to the hardware the osmo itself. Now let's pick which lens you wanna use. You don't actually have any lenses your camera right? But within the app it has different settings and I like the wide angle lens. Let's try to get us much of the room In the picture as we can. This is what it looks like if you put it on selfie mode.If you put it on telephoto mode, it's self explanatory. I tend to use the wide angle most of the time. 

So now, let's go take some footage in my house. I'm not at the listing. Let's take some footage using this thing. So the round circle is where you are going to adjust the lighting and the red rectangle is the focus. You're gonna tap on the rectangle and then tap what you want the camera to focus on. You can choose like the pictures on the wall or something in the foreground. And then when you have it where you want, you can tap again until it turns red. Now it's lock into the focus. For the lighting, put your finger in the circle and slide it up and down. Change it around until the lighting is where you want it to be. And then you'll tap on it again to turn it red and lock it into place. What you don't want is to not lock it and then as your moving side to side the lighting is constantly changing, that's not a very professional look and that's how we not have that happen.

So yes, the window is completely blown out right now. Maybe You started here so that there's a very little bit of the window in the frame. And that way you can set the light where you want it to be. So again you tap it till it turns red then you've got it lock. Now you're ready to start filiming. So I like to start at the top and kinda do a slow up and down. And then maybe I'll go to the left and I'll slide to the right. All I'm doing is holding the gimbal in my hand and walking around the room doing lots of different shots. 

So now, okay I gotta change the lighting so you unlock it. Move it around till you get the lighting correct and tap it to turn it red and lock It again. This time I squad it down on the floor and then I stood up. So really this is not anything that requires a ton of skill. But it looks so much better than taking the photos that your photographer took and stitching them together into a little montage with music set behind it.

I think people are savvy enough, now that they understand the difference between a slide show and a video. So you just come back to your computer, import it, slow It down to 50% of the speed and look how nice and smooth it looks. I think this looks terrific specially for a diy project.

 I could have messed with the whole lighting is more on this one. It's a little bit dark. But overall I think this look really, really nicely done. 

So that was my DJI osmo mobile 2 tutorial. I get a lot of business from my you tube channel. It's kinda miraculous Of how well That works. So if you haven't seen any of my other videos of how exactly to attract business. I want you to watch this video, right up here. I'm gonna tell you what you need to do in order to attract business from your YouTube channel. Because that's basic. If you're making all this video content but it's not giving you any business, then what's the point? The whole goal is not to be YouTube famous. The goal is to have prospects call you and say " I want to hire you,  please? ", "Can you come over tomorrow? "

If you haven't already join my free Facebook group, you should do that. Just go to facebook and search Youtube for Real Estate Agents. If you wanna start connecting with other real estate agents that are using YouTube to grow their businesses and if you need some other things to watch, you can watch this one or you can watch this one and be sure to subscribe to my channel.

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