How to Get Comfortable on Camera

I know, I know…. You hate being on camera.  Well I’m going to give you some tough love and tell you to get over yourself!  Because making videos is THE SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO PROSPECT FOR BUSINESS that I have ever found in my entire career.

Why is that, you ask?  For me, YouTube is my platform of choice. It’s free.  And it doesn’t get more cost effective than that!  It’s also fun to make videos once you get the hang of it so it’s easy to stick with it.  And once your phone starts ringing with calls from potential clients and you start cashing those commission checks, you’re even more motivated to keep going!

But I know a lot of people don’t like to be on camera.  Here’s what I hear all the time: “I don’t like how I look.” “I hate the way my voice sounds.” “I never know what to say so I sound stupid.”

So let me address those self-limiting beliefs right now.  The way you look on camera is the way you look in real life.  Let’s say a prospect called you today and said, “I just got pre approved for $400,000 and I am only in town for five days.  I need to buy a house right now and I choose you to help me.” Would you say, “Oh gee, I’d love to but I need to lose 10 pounds and so I am not going to leave the house till that happens”?!

Of course not.  You might want to lose 10 lbs and that’s fine - don’t we all?  But are you going to let that prevent you from earning a six figure income?  Don’t be silly.  So make a plan to lose your 10 lbs. and then go make a video.

How about the way your voice sounds?  You are the only person who hears your voice differently because it has to reverberate through your own head before it comes out of your mouth.  Everyone else hears your voice differently than the way you hear it.  You can’t change it without going to a speech therapist and training for years to make your voice sound different.  So why obsess about something you can’t do much about?

What about not knowing what to say?  This is the easy part!  You can download a teleprompter app for your phone, write out what you’re going to say, and then have the script run on the screen right next to the camera lens.  You can read your script but it won’t look like you’re reading.  (I’m assuming that most people use their phones as their camera.)

But that brings me to a good point.  You MUST look at the camera lens.  Do not look at yourself on the phone screen.  Otherwise you’re looking off to the side and it makes the viewer uncomfortable.  They won’t start to know, like, and trust you if they can’t connect with you.  So look at the lens to make eye contact with the viewer.

But the best way to get comfortable on camera?  MAKE VIDEOS.  The more you do it, the easier it gets. The more you practice the better you get. Are you seeing a theme here?  The more videos the make, the more practice you get, and the easier it becomes.  Anyone who makes videos will tell you that their early videos were awful.  Mine were so bad!  The lighting, the audio, the camera work, the way I spoke… it was all terrible.  But I got better over time and now it’s a piece of cake.  I never write a script anymore.  I’m able to wing it every time just from the sheer repetition of making at least one video a week.

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