Call to Action Examples for Realtors

What are some good call-to-action examples well I'm going to show you.

We're talking about call to action examples. At the end of a video that you make for YouTube, you need to have a call to action.

Now what should it be, it should not be, "I'm Karin Carr and my phone number is going to be splashed across the bottom of the screen the entire time that I'm on camera talking call me if you know anyone that wants to buy or sell."

That just screams obnoxious sales person and it does not work. so what are some good call to action examples? You need to offer something for free that they will download in exchange for their contact information. So what can you give them that would be a value that they'd be willing to say here's my name and my email address and probably even my phone number too. Well it needs to be specific to the topic of the video. Let's say that your video is about relocating to your area maybe you make a list of the 10 neighborhoods where the median home price is less than 200,000 or you've made yourself a relocation guide. Here is the relocation guide that I made for Savannah, how did I do this? While I went to the Savannah Chamber of Commerce I downloaded their relocation guide. It was something like 80 pages long and 70 of those pages were advertisements for my competitors, so I looked at their relocation guide and I thought, okay I

can make that myself. I went on over to my freaking favorite website of all time and I pulled out a template

that I liked. I made my own relocation guide using the one that I had seen from the Chamber of Commerce's website as a guide and then, of course, I added a lot more than what they included. I made one page that was a list of all of the gated communities. I made a list of seeing school rankings. Now this was a very involved lead magnet and it did take me a good week or two to put

together, but you know I'm working on it for half an hour here 20 minutes here it's not like I was doing it constantly.

Since you're making it in canva, you can completely customize it, you put your information on it. You put your logo on it, You put all of your information on the last page and then you just download it as a PDF. Now you upload it to your website or on to some sort of landing page software solution, I like to use I'll put the link down below if you want to check out leadpages, if you don't have a website where you can do this if you do have a website, I use easy agent pro for my website. You can create as many landing pages as you want.

Now you go over to your website and you upload that lead magnet you need to have a website where you can create landing pages, also called squeeze pages to your heart's content, if you get a free website from your brokerage and it doesn't let you do that, it's nothing more than an online

business card that's really not helping you. I have been an easy agent Pro user for about three years, I can make as many landing pages as I want. I'll put the link down below in case you want to

check that out. I think they give you a discount if you sign up using my little affiliate link thing. So you upload your lead magnet and your password protect it. They have to put in their name their email and probably their phone number too. It's totally up to you if you're gonna ask for it, but if the people want the information and they actually do intend to move to your area they're gonna put invalid information. Most of the time I get real information and not fake phone numbers, because they wanted the information.

What's another good call-to-action example? Let's see, if you are trying to get listings, you know there's the tried-and-true what's your home value, I don't find that those work all that well

anymore, because everybody's doing it. What about a guide that you could make getting your home ready for the photographer, when the photographer comes prior to putting it on the market how to make your house look really awesome in photos it's not anything that has to be

super complicated, it can just be a word doc. but it needs to be something of a value that is not something they can just go Google on their own and get it very easily. So try to think of something that you can give them that they would be willing to trade your information for. It's really that simple. So now the actual verbiage at the end of your video, What is a good call to action example of how you say it in the video? So you wrap up the topic and say, "So now you know what our market is doing here in the Savannah area but do you know how to get your house ready for the photographer to come? why don't you click this link right here, head on over to my website, you can download my free guide that will tell you exactly what to do to get your home looking fabulous before the photographer comes. That's it it's really that simple you tell them what to do, you tell them that you're gonna put a link if you are able to link to your website in your YouTube cards, you can point up like this if you have a brand new channel and you have less than a thousand subscribers and less than four thousand hours of watch time just point down. You're gonna have to put it in the description box below the video until you hit that threshold and you can link it in cards. But please for the love of God do not say "call me I would love to earn your business." Again that just screams all about me, I'm a sales person I'm trying to sell you something, instead, you are

offering them something, we're getting their contact information so clearly there's something in it for us as well but it doesn't come across that way on camera, it comes across as I am helping you. And really that's what it's all about. If you want to learn more about making YouTube videos that will bring you buyer and seller clients. I want you to sign up for my free webinar, I'll put the link down below. It is a webinar where I teach you the seven steps to making YouTube videos that will get your phone to ring.

Thank you so much and I will see you on the next one.


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