Part Time Remote Position: Video Producer

Established YouTube creator with two channels is looking for a remote, part-time Video Producer to help an spread their message and make a real difference in the lives of their audiences.

Karin Carr is a REALTOR® with two channels - one for her real estate team in Savannah, GA and the other to teach real estate agents how grow and scale their business with video.

The right person is needed to keep our content machine running so we can focus our energy on the things we care about most – serving our clients to the best of our ability by providing value with a dash of humor.


We believe in the process of Be, Do, and Have, in that order. When we are Being the person we need to be, this means we will Do the right things required to Have the results we want. 

Be, Do, Have.  

To join our team, you must not only agree with our Core Values of Being, you must actively live them.

  • Integrity. We do what we say we will do. We don’t fail to show up for appointments or fail to meet deadlines. When we fall short, we own it and make it right.
  • Growth mindset. We are always learning and growing so our clients can too.  
  • Creativity. You have to know the rules before you can break them. But there’s no benefit to saying, “Well, this is the way I’ve always done it and I have no plans to do it differently.” We embrace technology to streamline our business and we’re not afraid to experiment.
  • FUN! We are here to serve and help others be the best they can be but there’s no reason why we can’t laugh and have fun doing it.



The right person for the position of Video Producer:

  • Loves both creativity AND process – you get equally excited about content creation and digging into checklists.
  • Knows the world of YouTube and the content creation process.
  • Knows how to guide creative people through processes and schedules.
  • Understands creative collaboration (the team is responsible for content ideas, but you will probably need to brainstorm with us too).
  • Can drive and execute on a schedule and developed process without being pushy.
  • Pays attention to details. This is a deal-breaker. Details are huge. And this is why we need you.
  • Is known for getting things done right and on time.
  • Has stellar communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Does not bring drama to the workplace.
  • Not only agrees with our core values, you embody them in how you live.
  • Remote production of livestreams using Streamyard, Restream, or similar. These are usually only once or twice a month, although occasionally more frequently.
  • You are in the Eastern US timezone or have only a slight time difference. This position will NOT be ideal for someone with a 12 hour time difference unless you’re willing to work odd hours.



The Video Producer is a brand new position. You will facilitate our video creation process to keep us on time and creatively inspired to do what we do best. Sometimes this means being a cheerleader, other times it means being willing to hold us accountable for things we really need to do but might not want to do. 

Some specific things you would need to be ready to do –

  • Set production and delivery schedules using project management software
  • Brainstorm with us on video titles and thumbnail concepts
  • Brainstorm creative shots and b-roll to capture during shooting
  • Interact with client team members
  • Attend Zoom meetings regularly to set our content creation schedule
  • Assign editing projects to the editor and order thumbnails from the designers
  • Give feedback on initial thumbnail designs and video edits, request revisions (at the beginning we’ll give you lots of input but eventually YOU will become the QC department and handle these revisions yourself.)
  • Do uploading and scheduling of videos
  • Review video performance and channel analytics, provide data so that we can identify future content opportunities
  • Split test titles and thumbnails
  • Take ownership of growing the channel(s) 



You would NOT be expected to edit content, create thumbnails, interact with channel audiences, or schedule a client’s appointments. 

You would be expected to enable your creators to keep their content on schedule, delivering on time, and make their best content. This may include interacting WITH agency resources or creator teammates doing content creation work, but you are not expected to do this yourself.


$1000/month, anticipating roughly 10 hrs/week. You would be working as a part-time, remote independent contractor on a schedule that works for you, us as creators, and the CEO. Flexibility is the key for all of us. 


If this is you, send an email to with the subject line “Video Producer position” with a brief statement (one-page equivalent) telling us why. Include the title of Karin Carr’s book on Amazon about video for real estate agents somewhere in the opening sentences, and please include any links to your own content or channel that you think might be helpful.

Part Time Remote Position: Project Manager

We are looking for the Olivia Pope of Project Managers. Someone who can jump in, take the lead, improve what we have, anticipate problems, and fix problems (without killing anyone though.)

YOU ARE a take-charge, detailed, go-getter who is also fun to be around and has a positive mindset. You're able to figure things out (aka "Google it") before repeatedly interrupting the team with questions. But you also know when to speak up for help. Your #1 task is to support the CEO to scale the business so you are happy to role up your sleeves and do what needs to be done until we can hire you a staff. You have some type of marketing knowledge and event coordination or project management experience. 

You LOVE a good checklist or project management tool. Organization is your middle name and your calendar is your BFF. You keep calm in a crisis and have no interest in bringing drama to the workplace.

BONUS POINTS if these words are not foreign to you: funnel, landing page, lead magnet, email marketing, webinar. 

This is a high growth potential position for a motivated individual who wants to be a part of a high six figure revenue business that is rapidly growing in the online coaching space. We’re going to hit seven figures in revenue in 2021 with your help!


To join our team, you must not only agree with our Core Values, you must actively live them.

Integrity. We do what we say we will do. We don’t fail to show up for appointments or fail to meet deadlines. When we fall short, we own it and make it right.

Growth mindset. We are always learning and growing so our clients can too.  

FUN! We are here to serve and help others be the best they can be but there’s no reason why we can’t laugh and have fun doing it.

In this role, you will have a direct impact on the business in a variety of ways. 

While partnering closely with the business owner and our dynamic team, you will coordinate all business activities and serve as a project manager for marketing campaigns, business operations, and new projects decided on by the team. 

We have grown so fast we need to slow down and implement systems and processes in order to scale up. This will be your #1 priority. If you have read the book Rocket Fuel and know the term Integrator, this is my goal for you.

In addition, a key part of this role will include managing product launches. In this role, you will be responsible for the successful launch of our training programs. 

Responsibilities of this role include: 

  • Help the CEO implement systems and processes
  • - Be fully involved in the hiring process (and ultimately be in charge of hiring.)
  • - Serve as the lead for our product launches - Strategize with the team, plan, and manage launches of online programs (project management) 
  • - Be a point person for external vendors - Ensure vendors are involved in the launch, understand our vision, and their deliverable timelines are met so launches are smooth sailing

    - Maintain our operations manual for areas that fall in your responsibility, document internal & external processes
    - Collaborate with other internal team members to the extent that is needed to ensure all team members are successful in accomplishing the business' goals
    - Alert owner of potential risks and red flags in projects or in reporting
    - Track financial performance of key projects including budget and budget vs. actuals
    - Coordinate with graphic designers, blog writers, webmaster, etc.
    - Keep a pulse of the business (owner happiness, customer happiness, team happiness, contractor happiness)
    - Organize training of new hires 

You'll know you are a success in this role if you: 

  • Understand what is going on in and across the business
  • Can execute the CEO’s vision
    - Proactively engage to move projects and business operations forward, even when we are launching
    - Launches are executed in a timely fashion, all vendors understand what is needed when and deliver their parts on time, and we build a repeatable process around launches that ultimately helps us become more efficient at marketing and delivering our programs to our clients
    - Collaborate with the team to meet business goals and you are nimble and adaptable to fill gaps we have and identify as we grow. 

If you want to step into a role with limitless potential, like doing a little bit of everything, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is the role for you! 

This is NOT an entry level position and some sort of event planning experience is required. If you have planned weddings, live conferences, or software product launches, this might be a great fit for you!

You do not need to be located in Savannah, GA but you will need to be in the US or Canada, fluent in English, and have no more than a 3 hour time difference from the east coast so that we can communicate without a lot of downtime.

This will start out as a part time, 1099 position so you’ll be a contractor. You are free to take other jobs as well as long as you don’t miss details or deadlines.

There is a definite possibility of this becoming a full time W-2 employee position in the future though. 

If you’re still here reading, you are detail oriented and that is awesome!

These are the software systems we use. You don’t need to know them all but you will be required to learn them so the more you’re familiar with up front, the easier it will be:





Google Sheets/Docs/Drive


Pay range is $25-35/hr DOE


If this is you, please express your interest in this part time (20ish hrs per week) 1099 independent contractorposition by sending an email to with the subject line “Project Manager position” with a brief statement (one-page equivalent) telling us why. 

Most importantly - send us a video! 

Record a short video of yourself with your cell phone camera or web cam. Nothing fancy, 30-60 seconds is fine. Just tell me why this job posting “spoke” to you.

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