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YouTube for Agents

Are you making the kind of income you thought you'd make when you first went into real estate?


Are you spending WAY too much money each month buying leads that don't convert or on ads that bring in unmotivated prospects?


How about spending tons and tons of time chasing leads that don't answer the phone, don't reply to texts or emails, or just flat out give you fake contact information?

Do these describe you?

  • I can't keep spending hundreds of dollars a month for leads that give me bogus contact information.

  • I don't have time to call leads 8-12 times before I can get them to even have a conversation with me.

  • I would rather go back to my old 9 to 5 job than cold call people every day.

  • I'm great with people when I can get them to meet me face to face, but I don't know how to get more appointments.

  • I need a more consistent income instead of 3 closings this month and none the next.

  • I feel like I'm spending hours each day on social media making connections with people but I'm not getting any business from it.

I know, it's so frustrating! You're smart, you're great at your job, and you genuinely love helping people.


You know you would do an amazing job for your clients, if only you could get more opportunities to get in front of the people

that needed your services.

But what will happen if you DON'T start learning how to generate your own business? 

The market is changing with all these "disrupters," companies who are trying to make our jobs irrelevant.


If we don't PROVE the value we bring to a transaction,

soon we'll all be out looking for jobs.






Imagine what it's going to be like when:

  • You have prospects calling you, emailing you, begging to work with you!

  • You have so many inbound leads, you get to pick and choose who you want to work with and refer out all the rest.

  • You get off the income roller coaster and start making a fabulous living.

  • You can stop spending money buying leads or paying for expensive ads, and instead use that money for assistants and administrative help.

  • You become a top performer in your office and start getting the recognition you've always wanted.

  • You become a mini celebrity in your local market and get recognized around town.

  • You no longer have to cut your commission to get someone's business. Your clients see your value and they don't argue with you when you tell them what you charge.

You can achieve ALL OF THESE THINGS
without spending thousands of dollars
on leads that hardly amount to anything.
It all starts when you join me in
YouTube for Agents
YouTube for Agents is a training program and coaching community for real estate professionals who want to stop wasting time on clients who play hard-to-get.
Take it from some of the students who have already grown their online following. The minute they started making YouTube videos, they stopped chasing leads and finally started ATTRACTING clients instead.

Susan Thetford

You have GOT to go take Karin's course! I had someone in the last three days reach out to me about buying a house.

Mark Hubert

October 25th was our very first closing from a YouTube lead, and we are currently working with 3 or 4 others.

Jenn McPhillamey

After following the program and being consistent with my videos, I got my first listing from YouTube!


Making videos is nothing new, nothing earth-shattering. But the first question you’ll ask yourself is, "Ok, but what do I talk about and how will it bring me actual clients?"

Wouldn't it be great if somebody would just tell you EXACTLY what to do and how to do it?


Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you knew what to say that would result in new clients? Wouldn't it be AWESOME to have a blueprint for success so you could stop trying to figure it all out on your own?


I know that you want to skip the trial-and-error phase and fast forward to knowing what to do and how to do it.


Look no further, my friend, because that's EXACTLY what I'm here to help you do!

My YouTube channel

Making videos for Youtube is

the most effective way

to become a celebrity personal brand

and attract a steady stream of new clients.

I now spend only a FEW HOURS A WEEK doing something that not only brings me tons of brand awareness, but also

NEW PAYING clients.


Take it from me, I’ve been making videos for several years and it has expanded my network of potential clients exponentially.


I want to help you achieve the same - or even more!

About Me

My name is Karin Carr.  I've been a Realtor® since 2005 and my husband and I have relocated several times. Every time we moved I felt like a brand new agent all over again.  I had no name recognition, no market share, no sphere, no database.

In June 2017, we moved from Atlanta to Savannah and I had to start over in a new market YET AGAIN.  With zero clients and zero money coming in, I decided to go all in on my YouTube channel.  

I liked making videos and I figured it would be a good way to get my name out there. So I set out to learn as much as I could about how to grow a YouTube channel. 

And my business SKYROCKETED!

I now get over 75% of my business from my YouTube channel with ZERO COLD CALLING.  Did you hear that?  I said business, as in closings and commission checks, not just leads.

In YouTube for Agents you will learn what topics make good videos, how to research them to see which titles will get you the most views, how to get over your fear of being on camera, how to film and edit your videos, how to outsource the editing once you're ready for that, how to ensure your videos will get found in a sea of videos on YouTube, and how to promote them for free!  







My favorite part of this crazy YouTube journey is when prospects call me and giggle on the phone because they think they're talking to a celebrity.

The first time it happened I almost died laughing - I am NOT famous, but these people act like I have my own HGTV show. 


And in a way, I do.  It's called YouTube!

They ask if I'm accepting new clients right now because I must be really busy.  They have already decided to work with me by the time they call, email, or text me.


It's kind of surreal now - when I go on a listing appointment they invariably say they feel like they know me already and they are not interviewing anyone else.

If you want to dominate your local market with video and attract business rather than chase it, this course is for you!

These are organic views, not from paid ads

So what exactly is YouTube for Agents?
It's a training program and coaching community for real estate professionals who want to
stop chasing leads and start ATTRACTING clients.
It's a group coaching program that teaches you how to make videos, what to say in them, and
how to attract new leads on autopilot while you sleep.
Whether you're a seasoned agent or newly licensed, if you're willing to be on camera you can have
amazing success with YouTube for Agents.
Have you ever wished you had a private coach but you didn't have the thousands of dollars
it would take to hire them?
I know I have!
The thought of paying someone $1,000 A MONTH was completely terrifying to me. So I didn't do it.
But it would have been so helpful to get quick answers when I needed them, an encouraging word
to tell me I was on the right track, and a group of other agents going through the same process
who could be my virtual accountability partners.
That's why I created YouTube for Agents.
I wanted to not only show you everything I've done to make YouTube my #1 method of lead generation,
but also to coach you and help get you there faster!
I didn't want to just give you a crap-ton of content
and say, "Here you go. Good luck."
I wanted to be available to answer your questions and give you feedback and pointers when you need help.
I also wanted to make sure that this kind of support was accessible and affordable - because if
you can't afford it, I can't help you, right?
So what's a week in the life look like for a typical student of mine?
  • OR, you outsource the editing to a virtual assistant. Spending $20/video is pretty typical and you may decide you'd rather spend the money than the time to do it yourself.​

  • You upload your video and schedule it to go out on your preferred day and time. You share it In the community so we can all subscribe to your channel, watch and like your video, and you might even share it on Pinterest or IGTV as well.

  • Later that week I do a "hot seat" call. I pick several student who want me to critique their channels and give them pointers and feedback. What's working well, and where could they improve?

  • You do some research to figure out a good topic for this week's video.  You have narrowed it down to two ideas so you post in our community and ask for guidance or feedback.

  • Then when you're ready to film, you use very simple equipment to record about 15-30 minutes worth of footage (because we ALL mess up and have to start over again several times, even after years of practice. It's normal and it's okay.)

  • You spend a few hours over the next few days editing the video, taking out the mistakes and jazzing it up a bit. (Don't worry, I'll teach you the basics of editing. I believe in doing as little as necessary to make them work for you!)

And then one magical day, you post something like this in the group:

And you’re like, “Holy cow! This actually worked!”


And I'm like, “Told ya.” 😘


‘Cause I knew it would work for you, just like it has worked for me.


I'm not some internet marketer out there

trying to sell you a hefty priced coaching package

when he's never sold a house in his life.


I'm out there in the trenches every day, just like you.

HERE'S what's waiting for you inside

YouTube for Agents once you become a member...


You'll learn how to decide what videos to make, how to film, what to say, the basics of editing, and how to make sure your videos get found.


In our community you'll brainstorm with other like minded agents and loan officers. We support, encourage, and cheer for each other.


I share lead magnets that you can customize and use in your own business. Relocation guides, buyer and seller guides, and more.


Channel reviews, live group coaching calls, constructive critique for your videos, genuine support from fellow professionals, and more in our private community.

But wait a sec...

Who is YouTube for Agents for?

Real estate agents who are comfortable being on camera already

Agents who have no camera experience at all but are not afraid to give it a shot

Seasoned agents who are tired of spending tons of money on marketing or buying leads

Brand new agents with no business coming in... yet!

Loan officers who want to generate their own leads instead of relying on agents to fill their pipeline

Others in the real estate industry who want to use the power of SEO to attract business

Who is YouTube for Agents NOT RIGHT for?

If you feel like you HAVE to promote yourself in every video


If you are either unwilling to learn editing OR unwilling to pay someone to edit them for you


If you cannot commit to a regular posting schedule

If you give up after trying things once or twice because you didn't get results immediately

If you are not willing to give it at least six months before you start seeing results

If you don't take responsibility for your own actions and your own results


If you won't commit to making weekly videos for at least six months

Just remember...

You don't have to try to figure this

all out on your own.

I've been doing this for years now.

I know what works (AND what doesn't!) and now I can teach all my secrets to you.

So what's this all gonna cost me, you ask?

With YouTube for Agents you get all this:

Immediate access to the YouTube for Agents course training modules 

On-demand access to the training 24/7 

Printable PDF checklists to make your life easier

Membership in the private Students Only Facebook group 

Monthly group coaching calls

Monthly "Hot Seat" calls where I can review your YouTube channel to see what's working and where you could tweak things for better results

Support from our community - we watch, like, and subscribe to each other's channels and offer encouragement 

Free Done-For-You lead magnets to customize and use in your own business

Your investment = only $67  per month

But wait - there's more!

I have some extra goodies for you when you join the program too!


Six months' worth of video topic ideas

These are the 25 videos that have brought me the most views, leads, closings, and commission checks. Simply use these topics and make a similar video for your own area.


Done-For-You customizable relocation guide

This freebie has brought me more than $100,000 in GCI. I offer it as a lead magnet at the end of a video about relocating to my area and BAM! When someone downloads I get a lead.


How to hire a virtual assistant mini-course

If editing just ain't yo thang, I totally get it. I like it but it still takes time - time that would be better spent face to face with all these new clients.


With my training on how to hire a VA overseas to edit your videos for you, you'll be able to spend roughly $3-5 per hour on an editor who can save you 20 hours a month!

See what some real students have to say about YouTube for Agents

So let's recap...

  • When you join YouTube for Agents you get instant access to the training modules -- videos, PDF checklists, tech resources and other resources to take you from a video newbie to a bonafide YouTuber. (Value $397)

  • You get ongoing group coaching in our private community

(Value $1,200/year)

  • The list of 25 top performing video topics (Value PRICELESS)

  • Free opt-ins (aka lead magnets or freebies) to collect names and contact info (Value $99 each)

  • How to hire a VA training (Value $99)


  • Direct access to a seasoned agent who's been doing this every week for over two years now. I know that it works because I do it myself!

Total combined value of over $2,000.

Your investment = only $67  per month

Total combined value of over $2,000.

Now I know what you're thinking.

I know, because I've heard them all say

these self-limiting beliefs before.

Maybe you're saying to yourself...

I can't afford it!

Nope, it’s only $67 per month and you get every single perk listed above. I made it affordable for even new agents.


I'm not techie enough!

I make the vast majority of my videos on my phone or iPad. I teach you how to make videos with as little equipment as possible. And if you can't edit, outsource it!


It's too time consuming!

You’re right, it does take time to make videos.  (Actually, it really doesn’t take nearly as much time as you think. But that’s what everyone thinks, which is why almost none of your competitors are doing it!) And that’s why I teach you how to outsource as much of the process as possible for only a few bucks an hour.


I hate being on camera!

I know, almost everyone feels this way. But I will hold your hand and our community will encourage you every step of the way. Soon you'll be an old pro. I'll even show you how to make screencast videos where you don't have to be on camera at all.

I don't know what to make videos about!

I will teach you the in's and out's of keyword research, and later how to analyze your videos to see which ones people are watching the most. It's really quite simple - give the people what they want.


My market is different!

True, every market is different. But one thing is for sure, consumers in every market watch videos and it doesn’t matter which market they live In. They also go online to search for what they need and you want your video out there for them to find. And you'll learn what videos people want to watch when you go through my program.

Enrollment in YouTube for Agents is only open until November 22, 2019 at noon Eastern.

So, are you ready to jump in and start a whole
new way of making yourself more valuable to your clients?
Whatever you decide, you must choose quickly!  

If you wait too long, you won't be able to enroll until the doors open up again sometime in 2020.


Are you ready to stop cold calling people that have NO desire to talk to you? Are you ready to stop buying leads that suck? Are you tired of spending hours and hours prospecting each day?

That will all be in the past as soon as you enroll in YouTube for Agents

Are you ready to get calls from actual clients who WANT to work with you? Are you ready to stop spending your money on expensive leads?


Are you ready to become famous on YouTube as your local community’s favorite Realtor?

You better be!

Start changing the way you reach out to clients. Let your clients FIND YOU!


Your No-Risk Guarantee

I know that investing in your business is a big decision. I'm also fully confident that if you do what I teach inside YouTube for Agents, you'll start getting business from it just like other students are. It might take several months but it will happen. The value of this course FAR OUTWEIGHS the cost. If you got just one extra deal this year, it would be worth the money 5X over if not more. 

You are free to cancel your membership at any time. There is no contract to sign. Once you enroll if you don't feel it's right for you, simply email info@youtubeforagents.com and we'll remove you from the program.

Just know that you will lose access to the private community and all training modules. You'll be free to enroll again in the future at whatever the current pricing structure is.

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