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Are you making the kind of income you thought you'd make when you first went into real estate?


Are you spending WAY too much money each month buying leads that don't convert or on ads that bring in unmotivated prospects?


How about spending tons and tons of time chasing leads that don't answer the phone, reply to texts or emails, or just flat out give you fake contact information?

Do these describe you?

  • I can't keep spending hundreds of dollars a month for leads that give me bogus contact information.

  • I don't have time to call leads 8-12 times before I can get them to even have a conversation with me.

  • I would rather go back to my old 9 to 5 job than cold call people.

  • I'm great with people when I can get them to meet me face to face, but I don't know how to get more appointments.

  • I need a more consistent income instead of 3 closings this month and none the next.

  • I feel like I'm spending hours each day on social media making connections with people but I'm not getting any business from it.

I know, it's so frustrating! You're smart, you're great at your job, and you genuinely love helping people. You know you would do an amazing job for your clients, if only you could get more opportunities to get in front of the people that needed your services.

Imagine what it's going to be like when:

  • You have prospects calling you, emailing you, begging to work with you!

  • You have so many inbound leads, you get to pick and choose who you want to work with and refer out all the rest.

  • You get off the income roller coaster and start making a fabulous living.

  • You can stop spending money buying leads or paying for expensive ads, and instead use that money for assistants and administrative help.

  • You become a top performer in your office and start getting the recognition you've always wanted.

  • You become a mini celebrity in your local market and get recognized around town.

  • You no longer have to cut your commission to get someone's business. Your clients see your value and they don't argue with you when you tell them what you charge.

Do you ever wish somebody would just tell you EXACTLY what to do and what to say that would result in new clients?

Wouldn't it be AWESOME to have a blueprint for success so you could stop trying to figure it all out on your own?

How about if you knew you could just spend a FEW HOURS A WEEK doing something that not only brought you tons of brand awareness, but also new paying clients?!



Look no further, my friend, because that's EXACTLY what I'm about to do.

Potential clients cannot hire you if they've never heard of you. They also have to like you and trust you to represent them.

Youtube is the most effective way to become a celebrity personal brand and attract a steady stream of new clients, without having to pay for ads or buy leads.

See what some of my students have to say about YouTube for Agents.

Susan Thetford

You have GOT to go take Karin's course! I had someone in the last three days reach out to me about buying a house.

Mark Hubert

October 25th was our very first closing from a YouTube lead, and we are currently working with 3 or 4 others.

Jenn McPhillamey

After following the program and being consistent with my videos, I got my first listing from YouTube!

About Me

My name is Karin Carr.  I've been a Realtor® since 2005 and my husband and I have relocated several times. Every time we moved I felt like a brand new agent all over again.  I had no name recognition, no market share, no sphere, no database.  


In June 2017 we moved from Atlanta to Savannah and I had to start over in a new market YET AGAIN.  With zero clients and zero money coming in, I decided to go all in on my YouTube channel.  


I liked making videos and I figured it would be a good way to get my name out there. So I set out to learn as much as I could about how to grow a YouTube channel.  And my business SKYROCKETED!


I now get over 75% of my business from my YouTube channel with ZERO COLD CALLING.  Did you hear that?  I said business, as in closings and commission checks, not just leads. 


In this course you will learn what topics make good videos, how to research them to see which titles will get you the most views, how to get over your fear of being on camera, how to film and edit your videos, how to ensure they will get found in a sea of videos on YouTube, and how to promote them for free.  


My favorite part of all this is when clients call me and giggle on the phone because they think they're talking to a celebrity.  The first time it happened I almost died laughing - I am NOT famous, but these people act like I have my own HGTV show.  And in a way, I do.  It's called YouTube!


They ask if I'm accepting new clients right now because I must be really busy.  They have already decided to work with me by the time they call, email, or text me. It's kind of surreal now - when I go on a listing appointment they invariably say they feel like they know me already and they are not interviewing anyone else.


If you want to dominate your local market with video and ATTRACT business rather than chase it, this course is for you!

Here's what you can expect when you join


In Youtube for Agents you'll learn how to decide what videos to make, how to film, what to say, the basics of editing, and how to make sure your videos get found.


In our community you'll brainstorm with other like minded agents and loan officers. We support, encourage, and cheer for each other.


I share lead magnets that you can customize and use in your own business. Relocation guides, buyer's and seller's guides, and more.


Channel reviews, live group coaching calls, and more in our private community.

Take your business from uncertain, unsuccessful, and unimpressive to



"So Wait... What Is This?"

Society is NOT a course... it's a coaching community for entrepreneurs who want marketing and mindset coaching WITHOUT the hefty price tag.


Have you ever wished you could have a quick "second pair of eyes" on something, or have a little help with a mindset conundrum... but you didn't have the thousands of dollars it would take to hire a qualified coach? 


I know I have!


One of the hardest things for me about business when I was getting started was that there just wasn’t any way to find solid strategic help that worked a) for my schedule, and b) for my budget.


All I wanted was to have an expert take a look at my stuff and say “you might want to tweak this and that, then you should be good...”


Whether it was an ad I was writing, my website, or just my social media strategy in general!


There’s just nothing like 1-1 human conversation (with someone who knows what they’re talking about) when it comes to building a successful business, amiright?


That’s why I knew I wanted to create something for you that wasn't just a crap-ton of content for you to sift through and get overwhelmed by, but something that gave you access to REAL PEOPLE who could give you the specific “two cents” you need, when you need it. 


I also wanted to make sure that this kind of support was accessible and affordable - so you don’t have to do what I did and take out an embarrassing amount of credit card debt to get it.


OK, So… what does it actually LOOK like?

Here’s a little story of a way this could look for you.


Imagine you’re staring at your facebook page wondering “WHY in the world is nobody seeing this content I’m BUSTING MY BUTT to create?” 😫😫😫


So you send a message to the Team NerdyGirl facebook page and drop a link so we can go check it out. You wake up and check your inbox the next morning to see that we've taken a look and come up with some ideas for how to 1) make it better, 2) get it seen by more people, and 3) make sure it actually makes you money. 


And you’re like, “DAAAAANG! I got even more than I asked for!”


And we’re like, “YUP.” ‘Cause we’re so nerdy about your success, we just can’t help ourselves. 


Imagine what it would be like to go from...

  •  Trying to "BE EVERYWHERE and DO ALL THE THINGS" to only having to focus on a few things, and knowing they're the RIGHT things for you

  • ​Not knowing who to turn to for help, to having your own personal "business concierge" to talk to any time you get stuck

  • Falling down an endless YouTube rabbit hole to having somebody tell you EXACTLY where your focus should be so you can stay productive and save TONS of time

  • ​Feeling totally alone as a business owner to feeling like somebody actually cares about what you're doing, and is checking up on you every week to prove it

  • ​The usual "online course Facebook group" where you're lucky if you get a response from anyone, let alone someone who knows what you're doing, to having direct access to ask your marketing and mindset questions and ALWAYS get an answer

  • ​Feeling like you're going around in circles, getting NOWHERE to having a clear plan and a path to follow that is WORKING, and (more importantly) works for YOU

 This Sounds AMAZING! I'm IN! 

Click the pink button to get lifetime access for just $997, or click here to get it for 6 payments of $197.

Who is this for?

Who is Society for?

  • ​Service Providers

  • ​Consultants

  • ​Coaches

  • ​Course Creators

  • ​Realtors

  • ​Network Marketers

  • ​Brick and Mortar Store Owners

  • ​Ecommerce store owners

  • ​Makers of cool stuff

  • ​Freelancers

  • ​Everybody who has a business, pretty much...

Whether you’re brand new in business or have been at it for years, YOU ARE LOSING BIG MONEY if you haven't yet mastered the 4 selling systems I teach.


Isn't it about time you figured out, ONCE AND FOR ALL, how to grow your business like the pros do (instead of chillin' out in ROOKIE TOWN forever)?

Five years ago I started a NerdyGirl.co, which was originally a “done for you” online marketing company. 

But aside from having a background in writing, the truth was... I had no clue what I was doing.


I really really REALLY wanted to help our clients succeed, but I was ALWAYS second guessing myself... 


🖥 Is blogging still worth the time and effort?


🦄 Which social network is best for this market?


🎥 What sorts of videos will help my clients make the most money? 


💵 How do I help them actually turn a profit if they want to run paid ads? 


😬 What do you do if your marketing efforts stop working (or never even work to begin with)?


I HATED using the “spaghetti method” with people I cared about... just throwing noodles against the wall and hoping SOMETHING would stick.


I knew that there HAD to be a better way... 


So I decided to use my OWN business as the “guinea pig,” so to speak, and went out and spent money getting pretty much every form of marketing and mindset help I could find.


After a TON of super-expensive trial and error, I'll tell you what I found out...


About hiring an agency... 

Don’t get me wrong. Some marketing agencies are AWESOME, but the good ones cost a LOT to work with...


...not to mention that before they'll even take you on as a client, they want to see that you have an offer that converts predictably and a funnel that’s ready to scale.


And if you don’t know what those things mean, you probably don’t have them...




About hiring a coach... 

This is a perfectly lovely option (of course I say that, right? ‘Cause I AM one now)... but I’ll be the first to admit that my 1-on-1 time comes with a serious price tag. 


That’s what happens when you’re so good at what you do, you have to double your prices several times over just to keep up with demand... just saying ;)


About the "reading blog posts and binging YouTube" method...

It's not a bad option...


if you know what you’re looking for. 


If you don’t, this option can easily become a massive, time-sucking rabbit hole that leaves you even more confused and info-overloaded than you were before you started. 


Plus, everybody/every business is different, so what works for one person might not work NEARLY as well for you.


About taking online courses...

Courses can be super helpful when the timing is right, but how do you know if any particular course is actually your best next move...


...or just an expensive distraction from doing what you already KNOW you need to be doing?


Not to mention, what are you supposed to do when you realize that no matter how shiny and new that special method might look, there actually ISN’T a “secret sauce” or magic wand you can wave that will suddenly make you an overnight success...


...and you finally get that the ONLY “secret sauce” that actually matters is YOU?

How will you, once and for all, become who you need to be to get everything you’ve always wanted?


Do you actually WANT to figure this stuff out, or would you rather be like most people and keep feeling like crap every time you have to scroll past yet another 22 year old Insta princess who’s supposedly making $92,385 every month just for existing and being cute? 🤮




I’m guessing that what you ACTUALLY want is to join the Success Society. 

Are you ready to say YES yet?

If so, I'll see you on the inside...


there's more!

As soon as you join us, you’re going to get:


🎁 Your first FREE pen-pal letter from me (I’ll even give you my business P.O. Box in case you want to write back!)


🎁 A FREE surprise piece of bonus swag in the mail (you’ll just have to wait and see what it is)!


🎁 Not one, but TWO free audiobooks, narrated by yours truly


🎁 Weekly “to do’s” designed to sharpen your selling skills and strengthen your mental muscles


🎁 Weekly accountability check-ins via email and/or Facebook messenger from a member of Team NerdyGirl


🎁 Access to our “marketing/mashed potato hotline” on Facebook messenger — for those times when you’re stuck or spiraling and you need to talk privately with an actual human you can trust


🎁 My FULL “four selling systems” implementation guide (previously available ONLY to my private clients) that will show you EXACTLY how to do the only four things you ever REALLY need to do: turn strangers into friends, friends into leads, leads into customers and customers into repeat customers and advocates (all in, this is more than $3,347 worth of stuff, yours FREE if you join today!)


BOTTOM LINE? The Success Society is marketing and mindset support like nothing you’ve ever seen before, at price that’s going to make you go… 


“SERIOUSLY? What’s the catch?”



The catch is this:


I want you to sign up and have such a great experience, you won’t JUST love us forever… you’ll tell all your biz besties to do likewise.


And that’s not even the JUICIEST part of my super-secret hidden agenda. 


You see, I want to help you be SO successful that someday in a couple years when I say to you “dude, how about you buy this awesome new coaching package from me so I can help you make a play for WORLD DOMINATION, that’ll be $25k please...”


You’ll be like “Heck YEAH, Brittany! That’s Chump change!”

What do you say?

"I say YES! Let's DO this!"

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